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New Member Promotion

Refer a Friend Program


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Friends don’t keep a good thing to themselves. If you’re enjoying the benefits of your membership at Patent & Trademark Office FCU and you know someone who can also benefit from all that your credit union has to offer, spread the word. And, when you do, you and your referred friend can each earn $25 when they open a share account and one of the qualifying services below. (Excludes share secured loans)


Here's How it Works


  1. Print the referral coupon and print YOUR name and phone number.  Print as many as you’d like and keep them with you. (The more you refer, the more you can earn.)
  2. Refer an eligible family member (anyone related to a member by blood or marriage),  co-worker or friend to Patent & Trademark Office FCU.  Give them the referral coupon with your name and phone number printed.  The new member will print their name on the coupon. 
  3. The new member must open a share account and at least 2 of the following products/services:
    • Checking Account
    • Direct deposit to PTOFCU 
    • Apply for a loan (direct deposit to cover loan payment is required)


You and the new member will receive $25, however, the new member’s account must remain open for 6 months or he or she will forfeit the $25 reward.


If the new member completes the new account application online, he or she must enter NEW2016 in the promotion box. The completed coupon must be emailed or presented at the credit union.  The coupon and the completed new member application are required to open the account for the promotional reward.


The referred member must be within our field of membership. See a complete listing of membership eligibility.   Joint members do not qualify as new member referrals for this promotion.  PTOFCU Staff, Board of Directors and their family members are not eligible for the promotion.


Now’s a good time to share the benefits of PTO FCU membership with your friends.


Here's some helpful information you can share about why your friend should join PTOFCU.

*A current member must have no bankruptcies, charge-offs, current delinquent loans, dormant accounts or negative account balances to be eligible for participation in the PTOFCU Membership Referral Program. Only new accounts apply. A joint owner added to an existing account is not considered a new member and therefore does not qualify as a referral and is not eligible for the reward. Closed accounts reopened during this promotion period are only eligible for reward if the account has been closed for at least 6 months.  Re-opened accountholders and 1st time accountholders must open 2 of the following: checking account; take out a loan with PTOFCU; start direct deposit to qualify for the reward.   Completed referral card must be presented with an application for reward.  Both the referring member and the new member's share account will be credited $25. If the new member closes the account within 6 months of opening, the new member will forfeit the $25 reward. PTOFCU Staff, Board of Directors, and family members are not eligible. PTOFCU may modify the terms of the referral program without prior notice.  PTOFCU reserves the right to end this program at any time without prior notice. Referral bonuses will be reported on IRS Form 1099 INT. Terms and conditions are available at  Patent & Trademark Office Federal Credit Union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA). Copyright © 2016 Patent & Trademark Office Federal Credit Union. All Rights Reserved.

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