Convenience Services

Payroll Deduction
The 'painless' way to save or repay a loan. We'll draft your payment for you automatically. No payments to miss, no hassle.

Direct Deposit
Send your entire paycheck to the Credit Union for automatic credit to savings, checking and/or loans. No need to rush to the Credit Union on payday.

Automatic Teller Machine
24-hour access to cash wherever you see Star, PLUS , or Encore. A convenient way to access your cash.

Audio Response Teller
For account information from any touch-tone telephone, call (571) 272-0365 any time of the day, seven days a week.

NADA (Blue) Book
Used car values available inside credit union lobby.

United Buying Service (UBS)
New car values available inside credit union lobby.

Loan Payment Protection
Safeguard your loan and get peace of mind when you need it most. Convenient, affordable and easy to qualify.

Visa Gift Cards
Available from $25 to $500. Use them like a Visa card. Excellent for students, children or anyone!

Western Union Quick Cash
Fast, efficient, reliable access to your funds.

Wire Transfers
For immediate transfer of funds. Gives you the ability to move your funds across the country or globe safely and securely.

Financial Freedom Youth Book

Additional Member Services
Notary Public
We provide notary services for our members only. Notary services for more than two documents require an appointment.

Signature Guarantee: An authentication of a signature in the form of a stamp or seal by a bank, a stock exchange member or another acceptable guarantor. Often required when securities are transferred from one party to another.

Auto and Home Insurance
E-mail Us
For questions concerning loans and member services issues contact Debora Turner. On all other issues contact Rita Harrell.

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