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Since 1942, Patent & Trademark Office Federal Credit Union (PTOFCU) has provided beneficial financial services to Patent and Trademark Office employees and contractors. As a member of PTOFCU, you and members of your family are eligible for a lifetime of financial services. For over 74 years, we have committed to provide quality, reliable and convenient service. Our commitment continues and is extended to every member. Service is our trademark!


Our Mission
To provide our members with the highest level of quality, convenient, and reliable service while maintaining financial strength.

Our Vision
To assist our members in achieving lifetime financial security.

Our Board of Directors
Raymond Covington, Chairperson
Welton Lloyd, Vice Chairperson
Stephone Allen, Treasurer
Zinna Davis, Secretary
Thomas Beach  
Michele Peyton
Dave Scheuermann

Our Management Team
Keith Powell, President/CEO
Nawal Hammad, CFO
Debora Turner, Operations Manager
Rita Harrell, Human Resources/Marketing Manager

Supervisory Committee
In accordance with the bylaws of the National Credit Union Administration, the Supervisory Committee is responsible for the safety and soundness of the credit union by ensuring compliance with the Credit Union Act.

Members may contact the Supervisory Committee in writing if there is a significant problem or inquiry concerning credit union matters.

Correspondence should be mailed to:

PTO Federal Credit Union
Supervisory Committee
401 Dulany Street
Suite 103

Alexandria, VA 22314


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