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Credit Union Difference

The Credit Union Difference

We'd like to make it easier for you to tell your friends and family about the Patent and Trademark Federal Credit Union. You can encourage your family members to join by sharing why you use PTOFCU. Beyond the personal service, here are a few facts to help you spread the word.


  1. - Not-for-profit - For-profit banks and other financial institutions are looking for a high returns for their stock holders and therefore charge higher rates on loans and higher fees for services than a credit union does. PTOFCU has no stockholders. We have our members to answer to!
  2. - Safe and sound - With all the recent turmoil in the banking industry, PTOFCU is a safe haven. We were not impacted by the so-called mortgage crisis that impacted other financial institutions. In a time when others are not making loans, we've got money to lend!
  3. - Democratic process -The board of directors is elected by the union's membership and works on a volunteer basis. Unlike banks, credit union members have a direct say in who's elected to run the credit union.
  4. - Inclusiveness - Credit unions have long-standing reputations for allowing spouses, siblings, and children of members to join. Click for membership eligibility information
  5. - Lower fees - Comparatively, credit unions have lower fees and more free services than banks.
  6. - Better interest rates on loans - Interest rates are typically better through credit unions. Although traditionally credit unions have been among leaders in auto loans, our mortgage programs are very competitive as well!
PTOFCU Member Benefits
We can take an already strong credit union and make it even stronger! It's through members who participate in PTOFCU that we thrive and grow to serve all members better. So, why not encourage your friends and family to join today?

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