Switching Financial Institutions - Switch Kit

It's easy to switch your checking account to Patent and Trademark Office FCUwith our Switch Kit.

Step 1: Establish membership and open a Patent and Trademark Office FCU checking account. Once your basic savings account is open, you'll have access to our other services, including FREE Online Banking, high-yield savings accounts, and low-cost loans. Not a member? Click here to learn more about our member benefits and to complete an application.

Step 2: Use our Switch Kit to enter your previous financial institution information, any automatic payments made from that checking account, and direct deposits or payroll deductions going to that checking account. Then click "Make Forms" to print documents to mail to the appropriate financial institutions.

Before you begin, have the following information handy to complete the process: 

 Previous financial institutions' names, addresses, and account numbers

 All automatic withdrawals from your checking account (company/payee name, address, and account numbers)

 All direct deposits into your checking account (company name and address)

Step 3: Leave enough money in your old checking account to cover outstanding checks and automatic withdrawals, which may take several weeks to stop. When they've cleared, close your old account.