Official Checks claiming to be drawn on Patent & Trademark Office Federal Credit Union are being distributed across the country via multiple mailing sources (USPS, FedEx, DHL UPS). If you believe that you may be the recipient of one of these bank-certified check scams or cashier's check scams don’t deposit it – report it! Report fake check scams to the National Fraud Information Center/Internet Fraud Watch, a service of the nonprofit National Consumers League, at or (800) 876-7060. That information will be transmitted to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Be on the lookout for Covid-19 Fraud

As you protect yourself and those around you from COVID-19, be aware that scams and fraud are on the rise. Be alert. Patent & Trademark Office FCU will never email or call you asking for your username or password to your online accounts. Never share any of these details with anyone contacting you.
Be Vigilant! Protect your Data.

The Treasury Department offers secure sites and reminders for best practices for secure cyber hygiene.

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