Credit union members have the best of both worlds, big and small

Most banks and financial institutions are branches of a corporation with a remote headquarters, and with little regard for personal service and individual customer concerns. Credit unions are part of a solid financial system that holds more than $480 billion in assets for 79 million people in the United States. We are unique in the fact that we have local interests at heart and put personal service first.

We exist for the purpose of serving our members, while banks exist to earn profits to pay their stockholders. We invest in the people who matter most, our members. As a member, you become a part-owner of a unique institution, which exists solely to meet your financial needs. To that end, we not only provide outstanding personal service, but our members often earn higher returns on their savings while paying lower rates for loans.

Year after year, credit unions consistently outshine banks and S&Ls in the area of consumer/member satisfaction

For more than a decade, national studies have consistently shown that credit unions offer lower loan rates and higher savings rates than banks and other financial institutions overall. These studies also show that credit unions require fewer fees for services, and those occasional fees are lower than those charged by for-profit financial services providers. In a world where services are increasingly conducted through electronic transactions (ATMs, touch-tone tellers, online access, and bill paying, etc.), this difference in fees can add up to significant savings.

Once a member, always a member

You'll enjoy the privileges of Patent and Trademark Credit Union membership for as long as you maintain an active account, through job changes, career shifts, or a physical move of residence.

PTOFCU member benefits