Vehicle Loans

United Buying Service

Are you looking to buy a new car in the near future? Do you want to get a good deal without haggling? Then, United is for you!

We know it can be a challenge to buy a car or truck and feel good about it. UBS is the local buying service in Maryland, DC and Virginia that eliminates the haggling over car pricing. For over 40 years they have provided pre-negotiated discounted pricing to affiliated customers. The discounted pricing is found in the UBS Official Price Book.


The UBS discount applies to both the automobile and the options. The Dealer’s ‘Processing Fee’ is waived in most affiliated dealerships AND at the customer’s request UBS will back the discount up with an audit of the sale. In addition, UBS customers still enjoy manufacturer’s rebates and incentives that they qualify for!

To use the UBS service please call (301) 657-1920 or (410) 792-9070 and ask for an advisor or go to and Click on “the service” and then “request a purchase certificate” - In either case UBS will provide you with the information needed to purchase at the UBS affiliated dealer where the price is discounted in advance.