Edison Society

Our Edison Society savings option is a special account for members age 50 and over that's guaranteed to make money management easier. Just maintain a balance of $500 or more (excluding checking accounts) and you qualify! For more information, visit our Edison Society and enjoy the FREE benefits that come along with this option.

Planning for Retirement

Discipline, it takes discipline to plan for your retirement. Patent & Trademark Office Federal Credit Union has several savings options that you can choose from. How aggressively you save may be due to a number of factors, such as your age, retirement plans, relocation, vacationing, etc. We have many resources to assist you in determining the best approach as you near retirement such as you determine the best approach for you as you near retirement, such as our planning calculators and budget worksheet.

Living in Retirement

It also takes discipline to learn to live within your retirement means. Retiring may mean that your income may not be what it used to be. A good money management plan and a workable budget can help you enjoy your retirement years. Now is the time to vacation and enjoy life. Use the equity in your home for that dream vacation. Click on the links below for more information on our loans and rates:

Loan Rates
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Also, please feel free to use any of our calculators below for your convenience:

Your Nest Egg
IRA Comparison
Conversion to Roth IRA
Retirement Planner
Retirement Distribution Planner
Investments: Tax Deferred vs. Taxable

Money Management / Budgeting

One of the first things you will want to do is assess your current financial situation. Find out how much you have going out with how much you have coming in. Then you’ll need to establish a workable budget that balances your spending with your savings. For more information, please select a topic from the links below:

Budget Worksheet
Savings Calculators
Home Mortgage
Debt to Income Ratio
Debt Investment Calculator

You will want to be sure to set up a savings account with direct deposit.