Consumer Loans

Auto Loan: Rate vs. Rebate
Auto Loan: What will my payment be?
Credit Card: What's the effect of paying minimum payments?
Credit Card: Minimum Payment Interest Calculator
Loan Comparision Calculator

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Mortage Loans

Interest First Calculator
Bi-weekly Mortgage Calculator
Do I want a Fixed or Adjustable Rate Mortgage?
What will my mortgage payment be?
Mortgage Refinance Calculator

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College Savings
College Planner
Savings: Funding on a Regular Basis
Saving for a Goal
Debt Investment Calculator
Should I pay off debt or save?
Debt to Income Ratio
Future Value Calculator
Lifetime Savings

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Your Nest Egg
IRA Comparison
Conversion to Roth IRA
Retirement Planner
Retirement Distribution Planner
Investments: Tax Deferred vs. Taxable