SCAM ALERT:  Recently, phone calls that appear to be from PTOFCU (including PTOFCU showing up in the caller ID) are being made to members asking for account or debit card information.  In some cases, threats to report the member to the police are made.  These calls are not from the PTOFCU. Please do not provide any personal information to the caller. Report fraud here.

Visa Check Card

Card Activation: 1-800-466-0040
Block Card: 1-888-241-2440 (United States Block)
Block Card: 1-909-941-1034 (International Block)

Visa Credit Card

Report card lost or stolen: 866-563-1335

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Supervisory Committee

In accordance with the bylaws of the National Credit Union Administration, the Supervisory Committee is responsible for the safety and soundness of the credit union by ensuring compliance with the Credit Union Act.

Members may contact the Supervisory Committee in writing if there is a significant problem or inquiry concerning credit union matters.

Correspondence should be mailed to:

PTO Federal Credit Union
Supervisory Committee
401 Dulany St, Suite 103
Alexandria, VA 22314-6801