Fee Schedule
Effective Date: Tuesday, June 18th, 2024
Fee TypeFee
New Member Fee Par Value ($25.00)
Account History/Per Page $2.00
Copy of Statement $5.00
Certified Check $7.00
Official Check $5.00
Returned Mail/Per Piece $5.00
Copy of Official Checks  
Per Check/Regular Mail $5.00
Per Check/Facsimile $10.00
Stop Payment on Share Draft, Official Check,
or Electronic ACH
Money Order (each) $2.00
Money Order Stop Payment $15.00
Coin Exchange Fund Fee $25.00
ACH Origination $5.00
Wire Transfer Domestic $30.00
Wire Transfer International $40.00
Account Research/Per Hour $25.00
Dormant Account/Per Quarter
(no activity for 1 year/effective Jan. 1, 2011)
Closing Primary Account within 6 months of opening $25.00
Reopen Closed Share Account $10.00 + Par Value ($25.00)
Money Market
Withdrawal Below $500.00 minimum
Dividend penalty
Over 5 Withdrawals/Month $5.00 each
Share Certificate Early Withdrawal Penalty $100.00 or 3 months dividend, whichever is greater
Share Draft Checking Account Services  

Balance Below $1000.00/Per Month

Per-Check Charge



Check Reorders At Cost
Copy of Share Draft $5.00
Returned Share Draft Check (NSF)*** $35.00
Returned Electronic ACH (NSF)*** $35.00
Returned Check Deposited or Cashed $30.00
Overdraft Transfers/Per Transfer
After 6 per month


ATM Services
ATM Transaction (PTOFCU ATMs) Free
ATM Transaction (Non-PTOFCU ATMs) * $1.00
ATM Share Overdraft (Balance Below $25.00) $35.00
ATM Share Overdraft (Balance Below $0.00) $35.00
ATM Replacement Card** $10.00
Visa Check Card Services
Check Card Annual Fee None
Check Card (credit) Transaction Fee None
Point of Sale (POS) Fee None
Check Card Replacement Card** $10.00
Check Card Overdraft $35.00
Check Card research of charge-back
or dispute that is proven to be a
member authorized transaction


Visa Credit Card Services
Visa Annual Fee (Gold, Classic and Secured) None
Visa Cash Advance $2.00
Visa Over Limit $15.00
Visa Late Payment 5% of payment due or $15.00, whichever is greater (fee imposed after 10 days)
Visa Replacement Card** $10.00
Visa PIN Replacement** $15.00
Home Equity Loan Application $25.00
Late Payment for Loans 5% of payment due
Skip-A-Payment/Per Approved Request


Request to pay-off loan with us $10.00
Loan Extension Agreement $15.00
Duplicate Lien Release $17.00
1st Payday Loan Request (per year) $25.00
2nd Payday Loan Request (per year) $50.00
3rd Payday Loan Request (per year) $75.00
4th Payday Loan Request (per year) $100.00

Certain fees will increase effective March 15, 2024

*Additional fees may be charged by the ATM owner.
**The first replacement card is free.
***Additional fees may be charged.