SCAM ALERT:  Recently, phone calls that appear to be from PTOFCU (including PTOFCU showing up in the caller ID) are being made to members asking for account or debit card information.  In some cases, threats to report the member to the police are made.  These calls are not from the PTOFCU. Please do not provide any personal information to the caller. Report fraud here.

Fee Schedule
Effective Date: July 19, 2019
Fee TypeFee
New Member Fee Free
Account History/Per Page $2.00
Copy of Statement $5.00
Certified Check $7.00
Official Check $5.00
Returned Mail/Per Piece $5.00
Copy of Official Checks  
Per Check/Regular Mail $5.00
Per Check/Facsimile $10.00
Stop Payment on Share Draft, Official Check,
or Electronic ACH
Money Order (each) $2.00
Money Order Stop Payment $15.00
Coin Exchange Fund Fee $25.00
Western Union Domestic Wire $20.00 (under $100.00), $30.00 ($100.00 and up)
Wire Transfer Domestic $20.00
Wire Transfer International $40.00
Account Research/Per Hour $25.00
Dormant Account/Per Quarter
(no activity for 1 year/effective Jan. 1, 2011)
Closing Primary Account within 6 months of opening $25.00
Reopen Closed Share Account $25.00
Money Market
Withdrawal Below $500.00 minimum
Dividend penalty
Over 5 Withdrawals/Month $5.00 each
Share Certificate Early Withdrawal Penalty $100.00 or 3 months dividend, whichever is greater
Share Draft Checking Account Services  

Balance Below $1000.00/Per Month

Per-Check Charge



Check Reorders At Cost
Copy of Share Draft $5.00
Returned Share Draft Check (NSF)*** $32.00
Returned Electronic ACH (NSF)*** $32.00
Returned Check Deposited or Cashed $20.00
Overdraft Transfers/Per Transfer
After 6 per month


ATM Services
ATM Annual Fee None
ATM Transaction (PTOFCU ATMs) Free
ATM Transaction (Non-PTOFCU ATMs) * $1.00
ATM Share Overdraft (Balance Below $25.00) $35.00
ATM Share Overdraft (Balance Below $0.00) $35.00
ATM Replacement Card** $5.00
ATM PIN Replacement** $5.00 
Visa Check Card Services
Check Card Annual Fee None
Check Card (credit) Transaction Fee None
Point of Sale (POS) Fee None
Check Card Replacement Card** $10.00
Check Card PIN Replacement** $5.00
Check Card Overdraft $30.00
Check Card research of charge-back
or dispute that is proven to be a
member authorized transaction


Visa Credit Card Services
Visa Annual Fee (Gold, Classic and Secured) None
Visa Cash Advance $2.00
Visa Over Limit $15.00
Visa Late Payment 5% of payment due or $15.00, whichever is greater (fee imposed after 10 days)
Visa Replacement Card** $10.00
Visa PIN Replacement** $15.00
Home Equity Loan Application $25.00
Late Payment for Loans 5% of payment due
Skip-A-Payment/Per Approved Request



  fEE sCHEDULE (pdf)

*Additional fees may be charged by the ATM owner.
**First replacement card and replacement PIN are free.
***Additional fees may be charged.